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Tips for Sellers

Be realistic: Selling a secondhand wedding dress is a fantastic way to get some money back. However, you need to realise that a Buyer will not be willing to pay full price for a secondhand dress (which has probably been made to fit someone else). The Buyer is taking more risk by buying secondhand and the price should reflect this.

Altering a dress: For most secondhand dresses that are sold, the Buyer will need to get a dressmaker to alter it to fit them. This is another expense that they will have to consider when buying the dress and they are likely to ask your selling price to reflect this.

Use the best photos: Use the best photos that you can for your ad. Try to use ones that show the detail and show the dress at its best.

Photos: Try to send the Buyer as many photos of the dress as possible As well as pictures of the dress as a whole, it is likely to be useful for the Buyer if you can send them some photos that show the seams and any other unusual details (this will help them work out how easy it is going to be to alter).

Shipping: Make sure that you agree with the Buyer who is going to pay for the shipping and how it is going to be shipped.

Returns: In most cases, if the Buyer agree to buy the dress and then decides that they don't like it, they are stuck. To avoid this, some Buyers like to have an agreement whereby they can return the dress within a specified period (eg 3 days) provided that the dress isn't damaged and provided that the Buyer pays the return shipping charges). You are more likely to have people from out of town agree to buy your dress if you agree to this return policy. Alternatively, you can use a service such as SafeTrader (described in more details below), which provides for a right to "inspect and reject".

Negotiate: Many people have an emotional attachment to their wedding dress and, for this reason, they want everyone else to value it as much as them. When selling your dress, you need to realise that the Buyer doesn't have the same attachment to it as you do (yet!) and they will want to get the best deal possible. If someone makes an offer below the amount that you are asking, don't be offended. We recommend not dismissing it immediately - it is often best to get something rather than not sell it at all.

Use an Escrow Service: Many Buyers don't want to hand over any money until they receive the item and most Sellers don't want to send the item until they are paid. To get around this, you can use an escrow agent such as SafeTrader. How it works is that, the Buyer pays the purchase price to SafeTrader and they instruct you to send the item to the Buyer. Once the Buyer receives the item, SafeTrader releases the money to you.


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